DAY 6: Yehliu // Ying Yang Sea // Jioufen // Shifen 

Our first journey out of the city! We didn’t see any snakes 😉….just insanely beautiful landscapes! First off we were dropped off at Yeliu national Geo park. Super crazy Rock formations on the coast that look like it could be the set of a 60’s sci-fi movie. After that we drove towards Jiufen passing by yin yang sea and the golden waterfall. Jiufen is an old gold mining town nestled in the mountains with narrow cute winding streets full of goodies to eat. The views were amazing and the edible fern and tofu too! The last highlight of the day was Shifen and Shifen national scenic area. Luck bringing Air lanterns seemed to be the big attraction there. When we arrived back in Taipei we decided to walk around in Zhongshan…. of course we discovered an amazing dandan noodle shop that had amazing little appetizers. Ohhhhh the pickled eggplant topped with shredded ginger kicked ass!!! It was another amazing day with new and beautiful impressions! 


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