The first time we heard the Casio version of beethovens for Elise echoeing trough the Taipei streets we were kind of confused. Then Renyu told us its the garbage truck. WTF….. garbage trucks drive around several times a day and the beautiful music signals the residents to bring their trash out and throw it into the truck…..​they also Play another song too … not sure which classic hit that is though… anyone’s guess?​​

Tea Eggs… eggs boiled in tea and soy sauce (I think) yummy 😋
The toilets in the metro stations… so clean and so organized …. you can orientate where you want to relieve yourself even before entering!


3 thoughts on “Extras….

  1. No urine scent in the subway like at good old Jannowitzbrücke (or your favorite Berlin subway station) then? Nice! I went for a run at treptower park and the park looked liked shit after two days fo sunshine and heavy BBQ. I wish there was a for Elise playing garbage truck.
    Looking forward to hear from you. XO.n

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