DAY 23: Sun Moon Lake to Taichung

The weather cleared up and we had a beautiful walk along the lake before heading to Taichung to visit Ren Yu and Xiao Bai. The two of them picked us up and we got some lunch and herbal Icetea while exploring the city before heading back to their place. For dinner we went out for hot pot! Totally yummy 😋!!!! 🍲 Afterwards we hung out in the park and tried various kinds of taiwanese liqueur made from rice and Millet. Was a Great day!!!! 

cruising in the corolla!
All kinds of healthy herbs…in the medicinal herb district

We bought some pickled cordia dichomtoma (Indian cherrys)
Mochi dumpling soup!
The dessert: shaved ice with almond and herbal tea jelly…not so sure about this Taiwanese dessert😀

Yummy beautiful sauce madness in the supermarket
Green tea sake! Perfect drink for a nice and warm evening at the park.


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