DAY 25: Taichung to Taoyuan via High Speed Rail πŸš… // Leaving beautiful Taiwan πŸ˜”

Getting ready for departure…We are soooo sad that we have to leave! So delicous food, such a beautiful landscape and so lovely and fantastique people! Gorgeous! Awesome! we started the last day with a walk through the neighborhood. For lunch Toni took part in Renyu and Xiao bai’s dumpling workshop! Renyu also cooked these yummy eggplant with basil and garlic! In the afternoon we took the high speed railway to tayoun to get to the Taipei airport…hard to leave…but the good thing is: New Zealand is waiting for us!!!

Toni found a really interesting book in the bookshelf!

With pineapple fermented tofu! Its so delicious and it’s with it to look for it in every existing Asian food store in Berlin

Sooooo sad to leave!!!


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